• Find your passion / Niche :

Some of you are a sports person, some people love music and some people love to paint. People are different and so their hobbies and passion. If you think you can write about sports or music, just plan which type of posts you will be writing. It can be music album review posts every week or synopsis and analysis of a football match. Find on which area you are passionate about and can write well, stick to that without losing motivation.

  • Search for Web host and Domain :

Finding a Reliable hosting service is not a easy task. There are dozens of hosting service provider and everyone is screaming “We are the best”. So how to choose which one is your perfect match ?
3 points to remember before buying a hosting plan –

1. RAM allocated 2. Support Service 3. Renewal charge.

  1. RAM :

Some hosting providers like GoDaddy does not show the exact amount of RAM allocated to your plan. Low RAM leads to slow website speed. If you have High-resolution media for your website, you must have a Good hosting service provider who is ready to give at least 1 GB RAM for your website.

2.Support service :

Choose a reliable hosting service because when things go wrong and you are not able to fix the issue, You will end up calling or giving an E-mail to your service provider.
The real pain is 2/3 portion of hosting providing companies answer your email within 24 Hours and this time can extend upto 72 Hours depending upon the type of issue occured. Simply you will loose your precious time and energy within this time or you will feel useless. That is why always choose a reliable provider with a top class customer support. If you want ask us, Godaddy is the leader in terms of Customer support and service.

3.Renewal charge :

Different companies use different tactics to grow their profit. Most of the companies charge very less on the 1st year, but as soon as you want to renew the hosting service they will ask for 2x or 3x of the amount of hosting charges you paid for the first year. As you have already invested time and labour and written those posts, attracted customers; it won’t be feasible for you to move the whole website to a different host. Eventually, you will end up paying a huge amount of renewal charge. So choose a Hosting company which perfectly meets these 3 criteria and you are good to go.

  • Create a blogging website :

Before creating your website – Research about themes you will be using. High-resolution themes can increase the loading speed if you are not using a good hosting service. If you are tight on a budget go for free blogging themes available in the WordPress marketplace. When you will grow and have a budget to go for a premium hosting service opt for premium design as well. There are several CMS are available but WordPress is the leader in the Blogging market section.

  • Blog writing :

Choose your niche and start writing. You will not get a thousand followers within a day. You have to regular and passionate about your writing. People have to realize that you are here and you won’t disappear. People tends to follow those blogs which are consistent.

  • SEO

Before publishing your blog, do proper work on Search engine Optimization. Use of proper H1, H2 tags on written content, Use of Alt tags for images, avoid over complex sentences on the blog will help your post to rank better on search engine results. Yoast plugin can help you for the same, you just need to know how to work with that for better results.

  • Google Analytics

Connect your website with Google analytics. Google Analytics not only gives you a projection of user activity on your website as well as the keywords used by users which leads them to your blog, age group of your readers and so on. This information will help you to frame your content in a certain way for better visitor attraction and retention. There are some paid Google Analytics plugin in market but as you are just starting, Simple Google analytics is best for you.

  • Lead Generation

Create a lead generation pop-up on the landing page of the blog or create a contact form on the contact section of your website. Newsletter opt-in service is also good to collect Name, Phone, Email of your visitor for future use. You can target those prospects using Email campaigns or any Digital advertisements.

  • Shareing is Caring

After sucessfully writing and posting your blog you have to share it on different social media channels you are using. Partnership with other bloggers and putting inbound/outbound links help your blogs to get popularize significantly.


Blogging is fun and can bring up a lot of excitement in front of you only when you are consistent.
Blogging needs dedication, hard work, attention to detail and lots of patience if you are just starting.
But the destination is beautiful like the journey. Enjoy every bit of it.

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If we have missed out on some of the vital points, please comment below and lets us know.