Business challenges for small businesses in 2020

To run a small business, entrepreneurs must wear different hats and tackle different activities. These include, for example, financial management, marketing, sales, employee management, and product development. But you must keep an eye on the trends. They may change the way you run your business. As a result, strong changes in market trends can put your entire business at risk. The good news is, technology has been able to reduce the burden of these challenges. Discover these trends that will impact small businesses in 2020 and get ready to take these challenges.

Social Media Engagements:

As per a study more than 3 Billion users use social media daily. Your content should be engaging so that people will follow your business eventually. Posts should be regular. We have to make people believe that you are here and you are not shutting down your page in the upcoming time. Stories are a great tool to engage with your audience and increase your traffic. If you check all fortune 500 companies are highly active on social media from the last 1-2 years. If they can do it, you can do it too.

Reputation on the web:

Nowadays people thrive for more information, people research over the internet before making any decision. As an example, people tend to look for reviews before buying a product.  Prospective clients may research about your organization before avail your services. That is why you should have properly distributed contents about your business over the internet which eventually influences your prospective client’s decision.

People want to do Business only with Brands:

Maintaining a strong digital presence is required when the whole world is going digital. Now people only want to associate with companies that are having strong and engaging social media channels. People also want to get associated with an organization that is led by reputable and knowledgeable leaders. When someone is investing in your business/products they need to be sure whether the company has a true vision at the helm. We notice these types of scenarios in B2B spheres. The best way to showcase your brand and values on a well-built website.

Customers want fast response time:

Those days are gone where people had to wait for 24 hours – 72 hours for a reply. If they want to know about any specific service or have a query. Active support channels allow companies to answer customer queries within a minimum time which satisfies the customer greatly. Live chat solutions Like Tidio , Twak for your website is the best option where you can directly talk with your customers with ease.


Cyber attacks are real and you can be one of the victims. In 2019 more than 1.7 Billion private records have been leaked in various breach incidents and 2020 is going to be worst. Attackers can attack your website, extract vital information and then leak or sell those pieces of information to the market. That will hamper your goodwill you have built-in past years and you can face legal troubles too. Most dangerous kind of cyber-attacks you can think of is Ransomware where attackers target your computer and encrypt your every file and ask for huge money as ransom to decrypt those files.

What you can do to safeguard your business from cyberattacks:

  • Don’t use a pirated copy of Windows.
  • Update your Windows version frequently.
  • Use a proper subscription-based Anti Virus which can protect your digital devices.
  • Don’t click to unverified URLs received on Email. You can check whether a URL is safe to browse or not here
  • Don’t use a pirated or cracked version of any software.

The world is changing rapidly and trends regarding businesses are changing too. Today you may think you practice the most perfect approach by which you are running your business successfully but you may go outdated if you don’t follow these trends that may affect your business strongly in upcoming days.